Electric Make Up Brush

  • Automatic Electric Makeup Brush

    Automatic Electric Makeup Brush

    1.Reduce makeup, better appearance-fills fine lines and wrinkles from the bottom up, creating a relaxed airbrush look. Mix and apply like an expert while saving makeup costs and enjoy a perfectly blended, streak-free and flawless makeup look.
    2.Easy to stick-this professional makeup tool can run more than 24,000 micro movements per minute, turning your makeup into tiny particles, which can be quickly mixed and applied to the face intelligently and easily.
    3.Antibacterial-Whether you want to add foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, bronzer or other minerals to your complexion, the antibacterial brush head can reduce the formation of bacteria between uses by more than 99%.
    4.Anti-aging effect-In addition to the ergonomic grip, this hybrid technology allows you to create your signature temptation through

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