Why you need an ultrasonic dental scaler for home use


Why you need an ultrasonic dental scaler for home use

Health has always been important to people, but our teeth have been neglected for a long time, but nowadays there are a lot of dental problems that make people extra concerned about their dental health. With the advent of electric toothbrushes, many people feel that they can clean their teeth better, but does brushing your teeth well and keeping your mouth clean prevent dental problems? In fact, electric toothbrushes only help people to complete the basic cleaning of the surface of the teeth, but it is difficult to clean some of the dead corners of the mouth, and for some stubborn tobacco, tea and coffee stains, sometimes it is not possible to remove them completely by brushing the teeth. Over time, tartar, calculus and other oral problems will accumulate. Therefore, regular dental cleanings are essential to thoroughly remove tooth stains, remove tartar stains and achieve the desired comprehensive cleaning effect for healthier teeth.

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When it comes to regular dental cleaning, most people should think of going to a hospital or dental clinic, but this is bound to be a lot of money. If there is a home dental scaler, I believe many people who are concerned about oral health should not miss it. Tooth cleaners are not yet a household necessity in China, but in Europe and the US, they have long been a must-have oral cleaning product for families with a total rudder. The better quality teeth cleaners on the market today use ultrasonic technology, which automatically loosens the calculus in the mouth through high frequency vibrations, effectively cleaning the teeth and keeping the mouth and teeth healthy. For a dental scaler, intelligence, ease of operation and cleanliness are all essential elements.

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