Have you Pay Attention to Oral problem Today? —Dental Care Tips: brush your teeth


There are seven major oral health problems in modern people, including dental caries, calculus, plaque, bleeding gums, dentine sensitivity, teeth not white, breath. These problems have serious physical and social consequences. How do we solve this?


Teeth surface cleaning first; We brush our teeth every morning and every night before going to bed in a variety of ways; Not everyone brushes scientifically. So we need an orderly way to brush our teeth:


1. Brush the outer sides of the lower teeth. Place the toothbrush at an Angle on the gum edge and move the toothbrush back and forth with moderate force with two or three teeth in a group.
2. Then brush the inner sides of your teeth and repeat.
3. To brush the inside of your front teeth, hold the toothbrush in an upright position and apply moderate pressure from the gums to the crown.
4. By brushing the chewing surface, move the toothbrush back and forth on the chewing surface.
5. Finally, repeat to clean the outer, inner and chewing surfaces of the upper teeth.


Question: Why do you place your toothbrush at an Angle on the gum rim?


Since dental plaque is most likely to accumulate in the gingival sulcus at the edge of the gums (gums), place the toothbrush at an Angle when brushing.
In addition to having a scientific and correct way to brush our teeth, we also need to choose a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste. Simple brushing can only clean the dental plaque on the surface of teeth, and we will have long-term accumulation of dental stones in the mouth, and it is difficult to clean the dental plaque on the adjacent surface of teeth with a toothbrush. We need to use some special tools for these. 


To meet the actual nees of users, R&S company launched a convenient and powerful device, the RB-016 ultrasonic tooth cleaner.Dental Care

it uses ultrasound to remove dental stones, plaque, and plaque between teeth

Dental Care

It can realize the real teeth cleaning, and the ultrasonic tooth instrument loved by users after launch, our engineer said: "since the launch of the ultrasonic tooth, I nearby of friend and family seldom go to dental clinic clean teeth, they all feedback the effect of dental ultrasonic instrument is very, very good with, time saving and economy, also need not make an appointment to dental clinic"


Its powerful function brings us not only teeth cleaning, but also give us a white teeth. Dental Care

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